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Life Again

Vaishali S’s new spring/ summer 2021 collection “Rebirth” was showcased on Wednesday in this year’s edition of Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week, and was streamed via the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) on their social media platforms.

The essence of primitive nature is revived in this Spring-Summer ’21 collection, जन्मांतर | Rebirth.

The weaves caress one another, forming an intricate web of patterns, making handloom heritage its core strength.

On October 14th, Vaishali S showcased this collection worldwide in the first-ever phygital edition of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week (LMIFW) which is being held from Oct 14th to 18th 2020.

Revering seasons is an ancient bond which is seen in the veins of each piece, threads unraveling from a spool to form fabric that blends the weaves of India.

Chanderi becomes a sheer veil to look to the past and restore a zero-waste approach, preserving the museum- quality weave in innovative corded texture.

This signature cording is braided along the Khunn weave from Guledagudda, a requiem of the weaving village which Vaishali S marked on the map.

Snow laden trees grow in threads morphing into pieces that create art out of natural landscapes.

Murshidabad silk from Bengal interlaces into the raw fabric of a Maheshwari heirloom, giving breath to a structure that entwines with skeletal cords, reflecting the immersive experience of being born again.

Membranes of thin fabric linger with a singular beauty over drapes and folds given to the luxurious attires.

The collection embodies an artistic interpretation and is timeworn in its quality, with an ageless paradigm of textile vocabulary.

This raw texture is translated into sinuous figures, unbound by propriety and free in the unfiltered aesthetic of crude beauty.

It is a newfound exploration of the myriad interpretations of rebirth, and is itself a representation of rebirth in a new era of human life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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