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Courtesy: AnaOno

Confident After Chemo

Curve Connect virtual trade show held a webinar today to address women who’ve gone through breast cancer, now having a hard time readjusting into the womanhood they knew before their cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, Asi Efros and Dana Donofree of AnaOne lead this important discussion if you’ve had breast cancer and cannot get back into pre-cancer bra fit.

After you’ve gone through the accepted breast cancer diagnosis, you then undergo surgery, treatment, and chemotherapy, but after your breast have gone through an unimaginable ordeal, it’s hard to get back into a bra, it’s hard to be you again, you cannot accept a sports bra being your new normal, or t-shirt in-between 2 bras you have on.

AnaOno has an amazing selection of bras that if you or someone you know has had surgery to treat breast cancer, buying bras from AnaOno will help you feel like a woman again, embracing different shapes and sizes after breast surgery, taking a huge step to beautiful once again.

Daniel Quintanilla

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