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Staying Photo Ready

Fashion Mingle’s final “Mingle Mastermind Group” of 2020 addressed today the one industry that holds the fashion industry together as a whole, it’s the modeling industry, and how modeling still occurs even in COVID19, in this session titled “How To Survive and Thrive in the Modeling Industry”.

If there’s one dance move we’ve all had to learn in 2020 during this COVID19 pandemic even if you’re a non-dancer, it’s the pivot, pivoting from face to face contact to Zoom and Instagram life, that’s where the modeling industry shifted, there are still modeling shoots taking place, some socially distanced, and some on Instagram, where models have gone to continue their career based on the client’s needs.

Models have even had to take on a behind the scenes duties while they model because they’re at home, models have had to learn how to put together a shoot with the right light, and camera equipment to have, because agencies and casting directors are looking at a model’s Instagram too since we can’t meet up.

COVID19 may be stay home, stay healthy, stay safe, and be smart, but it also means that models must stay shoot ready, watching what you eat, exercising, getting all the sleep you need, and maintaining your appearance, because models even in COVID still catwalk.

And even if you’re having a successful modeling career now despite COVID19, the fashion industry’s needs can and will change, and you may be out of work unless you do the basics like establish good contacts, be on time, be respectful, easy to work with, and see what other parts of the modeling industry you may be interested in as a fallback when you’re circumstances change one day, even learning how to shoot photos on your own.

Since the start of this pandemic, Daniel plus Lauren has learned a great deal from Fashion Mingle’s weekly Mastermind series, from pivoting when businesses first shut, to inclusion, to enhancing your presence on the web, and thriving in fashion no matter where you’re at, yours truly got to participate back in July, all sessions by Fashion Mingle have been extremely helpful, great takeaways every week, and more to come in 2021.

Daniel Quintanilla

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