Blue & Cream @blueandcream in #NYC with @SeventhHouse shows off #Beautiisoles comfortable shoes #youhaveabeautifulsole @blueandcream

Comforting Expression

For the first time in 8 months and a week, Daniel plus Lauren (yours truly: Daniel Quintanilla), made a triumph comeback to New York City in the ole haunt of Houston and 1 East First Street (many a adventures over the years) with help form a near and dear public relations firm called Seventh House to tell you about Beautiisoles featured at Blue & Cream here in lower Manhattan.

If you’ve had the privilege of taking up dance like yours truly in basic ballet at Broadway Dance Center, or have ballroom danced like a few friends of mine from Halloween, then you must meet Robyn Shreiber, who’s the founder of Beautiisoles, and was a ballroom dancer who had an injury, but could not find a shoe to fit in, created Beautiisoles to fill the gap between comfort and style.

Two notions about fashion that must be debunked, you have to suffer in order to look chic, and you have to pay an arm and a leg to be chic, Robyn and her Beautiisoles collections bust those notions with extreme comfort as the fashion industry’s seen an upsurge nowadays, and Robyn’s Beautiisoles is a very affordable luxury shoe emphasizing comfort, the name Beautiisole itself stemmed after years of Robin wearing uncomfortable shoes leading to development of this Beautiisole, and don’t forget an affordable price point where you’ll love the colorful striking style yours truly saw tonight for a great price.

If you notice Daniel plus Lauren’s mirror selfies with Beautiisoles, then you too will fall in love with the boots and high heels in affectionate colors that take your dress and even leggings by Gottex Studio yours truly wears, or even slacks you wear for a night out in NYC that bring you comfort thanks to Beautiisoles and their affordable comfortable stylish shoes without pain in feet or wallet.

Daniel Quintanilla

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