#coronavirus #COVID-19 hits #broadway once again with 2-week closures of 2 major dance studios @nyc_bdc @StepsOnBroadway

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It’s Real, & Now It’s Personal

The pandemic that is the coronavirus are now gripping the regards of Broadway even more, but now on a deeper level for those thriving to be a step closer to the big stage everyday, as Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway announced late today that they’ll be closing for 2 weeks starting tomorrow up until March 29 due to coronavirus, which has closed literally every aspect of New York City at large.

Broadway announced late last week that all theater productions would shut down until April, Daniel plus Lauren went to task on how Broadway must rely on live-streaming to survive, as well as breakdown pricing structure to make live-streaming work.

Yours truly will go even further to say that at least one Broadway production should try live-streaming, charging as high as $200 for one to see it, even if it’s not performing live every time like a regular schedule, but one live-stream that’s available live or taped for a period of time, to ensure a show’s survival, to consider long term even after the crisis, or to at least raise money for affected performers and people behind the scenes.

Thousands of aspiring performers rely on places like Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway each day and night to become better dancers, bringing out their true creativity while unlocking the talents one never knew they had, yours truly who is Daniel plus Lauren has taken classes at both studios, blessed with the opportunity of becoming a better human being, learning partnership, attentiveness, and awareness of not only appearance, but awareness of identity.

The first step in getting to the bright lights of Times Square and the theaters occupying the crossroads of the world is practice, practice in acting, singing, music, writing, and dancing, dancing is the heart of what gives Broadway its pulse at all levels and emotions, dancers rely on the studio to be their absolute best, dancers rely on performance to survive in New York City, and closure of Broadway late last week brings creativity and dancer’s life to a screeching halt.

Daniel Quintanilla

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