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The Fit Of Our Times

Curve New York in its late quarter 2020 long Curve Connect virtual trade show event uploaded “Bra Talks: Next Bra & How To Solve the Size Dilemma” on Wednesday that originally took place in October to address the inevitable reckoning the bra industry is facing thanks to the COVID19 pandemic uprooting buying behavior of intimates.

Bra and panty makers are at a standstill and/ or crossroads with how they design and produce bras, it use to be that you had to earn the right to wear a bra if you were a certain bust or body weight, and if you were willing to accept the construction of maturing to a wired bra as your absolute passage into womanhood, even at age 12.

Now, with body images changing, and women utilizing their bras in more ways than just wearing them underneath your top or dress, bras have come out from between the sheets and into role of activewear, dance wear, and casual wear, so bra makers have had to redesign their bras to now be more representative of a sports bra which represents more comfort while holding onto the principles of a traditional bra also to survive.

Even with sports bra makers like Nike, Adidas, and such, those brands have to be more open and collaborative about making their sports bra more stylish to look like a traditional bra in a sports bra, plus vice versa with traditional bra makers who try to make their bras close to sports bras; there’s also that younger generation who want a more greener and breathable fabric on their bodies to prevent less irritation or constriction against their breast.

Inclusion breaks the barriers of bra restrictions since there are new varying shapes and sizes of women, so collections like SavageXFenty by Rihanna broke those intimate barriers from its inception to answer the call of the growing needs of women’s intimates, and providing a chance for women to own their sexuality once and for all.

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