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Curve New York today played back on Curve Connect trade show an hour discussion titled “Moving Toward a Better Understanding of Sustainability for Your Business and Customers”, laying out the requirements, and rising demand of bras and panties made more green for the environment.

In order for a lingerie maker to be licensed to make their products to be more sustainable, businesses must follow astringent guidelines like using materials that involve zero carbon footprints, no use of oil, coal, gases, or synthetics that are harmful to nature, especially if they don’t break down easily back into the materials of the earth.

Now that we’ve gone through the COVID19 pandemic, and vaccines are finally on the way, the thing now on the fashion industry’s mind is for the economy to push the button on the great re-set, the green new deal that will allow bra makers to produce intimate clothing that can easily sustainable, using the right material and at a more domestic plant built from the ground up to allow for such production, and faster access to products they produce.

Synthetic bras and panties for years not only are wired and harmful on the skin, so growing designers are making intimates out of breathable material like 100 percent organic cotton, plus businesses are learn more about raw materials needed to create such organic cotton bras.

It’s also harmful to just throw your bra away or even donate it because it’s use is long gone, one recommendation is recycling your bra through the BRA Recycling Agency, where your bra will get recycled and be a bra once again; another option is up-cycling where your bra becomes something else.

The tide is turning on the intimates industry going green, 10 years ago it was taboo and slow demand for its, now it’s the biggest reboot the bra industry once and for all is ready for while better positioning itself to compete with the inevitable surge of comfort bras like sports bras which have seen tremendous sales since the pandemic began.

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