885K #job less, #unemployment continues rising in #covid19 @USDOL

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The United States Department Of Labor today continues its report on staggering weekly unemployment numbers because of the COVID19 pandemic, this week was no different as unemployment claims were up once again from week’s previous, up another 23,000 to land at 885,000, last week’s number of 853,000 was revised up unfortunately by 9,000 to 862,000.

And as unemployment rises again, the insured unemployment rate continues its low descent by dropping 0.1 percent to fall at 3.8 percent, partly because unemployment benefits are expiring, and Congress fails to agree upon a second stimulus package, and it’s partly the reason those on insured unemployment fell again by 273,000 to 5,508,000, last week revised up by 24,000 to 5,781,000 from 5,757,000.

Daniel Quintanilla

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