Amanda Kloots breaks from social media between #christmas & #newyears #liveyourlife @iamnickcordero #broadway #covid19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Stop, & Breathe

For some, or most, taking a break from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/ or Tik-Tok may seem unimaginable for even a day, but people earn the right to press the pause bottom for whatever reason, just like we had to press pause to slow down COVID19 in 2020, so Amanda Kloots, the wife, and widow of Nick Cordero, who died from COVID19 after a 95 day battle, is pressing pause on social media as part of the annual Christmas and New Year’s slowdown everybody takes in general, we all need a break and times, so we can just relax, and be ready to start up again once January 2, 3, or even the 4th this time around since the 4th lands on a Monday (and Amanda officially begins co-hosting “The Talk”) sends the last of the holidays out the door.

Daniel Quintanilla

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