787K #job less #unemployment claims in 1st #covid19 numbers for #2021 @USDOL

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In its first weekly report for 2021, the United States Department Of Labor today kicked off 2021 with staggering unemployment numbers once again, but 3,000 fewer claims filed to land at 787,000, though last week was 787,000 too, it’s now been revised up by 3,000 to 790,000.

And once again, the insured unemployment rate remained where it was from week’s previous, unchanged staying at 3.5 percent though last week’s unchanged figure also was too revised to 3.5, those on insured employment continued to drop with 126,000 less receiving benefits, coming in at 5,072,000 with last week’s figure revised by 21,000 from 5,219,000 to 5,198,000.

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