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Sell Through Story

Fashion Mingle and the team of the “Mingle Mastermind Group” returned with its first session of 2021 as we continue navigating the COVID19 pandemic, where convincing your investors, your employees, and especially your customer base that the story of you and your business are reason customers need to buy your collection, today’s first mastermind of the year is “How To Tell Your Business Story, And Turn It Into Marketing Magic”.

Typically, investors look for reasons not to pour money into your business, they try to convince you that you’re going in the wrong direction, your idea won’t work, and your plan needs adjustment, but one investor made the decision to stop investing in the product, and start investing in the person, get to know the person’s story, motivation, and inspiration to why they have the product they do, the question is how are you going to get an investor to believe in you.

It starts with you believing in yourself, being confident about you, knowing where your goals are, what beliefs you have, where your principles lie, and you presenting yourself in the highest regard, leading to the reason why you created the collection you have, which could be designing bras for breast cancers who have a hard time shopping for bras when recovering from chemotherapy and/ or breast removal.

No matter what business you’re trying to build, it’s very important you stress the personal reason you have your business, why you created your product, and what you want customers and you to get out of it in the end always, when you let your customer base into your personal mission, that will turn into a large sales for the items you’re designing, growing your business story into larger possibilities of new opportunities.

Daniel Quintanilla

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