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Courtesy: Create & Cultivate

Make Your Mark

Kristin Cavallari announced today she’ll be included in Create & Cultivate’s top 100 list of entrepreneurs for 2021, all from Kristin’s unbridled success for her Uncommon James lifestyle collection which includes everyday and fine jewelry, as well as copper kitchen and bar items, Kristin’s also noted for her determination to be successful and not rest on her reality TV success alone.

Kristin continues to get comfortable with her post MTV success, understanding who her fans are and what they like and look for in a lifestyle brand, and has come to terms on being a successful entrepreneur, Kristin says her previous partnership with Chinese Laundry got her to understand who her customer base is and the kinds of things they buy.

Kristin also says if she wasn’t doing what she’s doing now with Uncommon James, Kristin would be an interior designer, and Kristin’s qualities include hard work, being authentic, and driven.

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