Curve New York’s Valentine’s Day guide with @HurrayKimmay @curvexpo #lingerie #loungewear #covid19

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Love Gifted

Curve New York today with help from lingerie expert, Hurray Kimmay, gave retailers key elements to remember when pushing Valentine’s Day onto their customer-base, providing a number of angles and categories to cater to a clients concerns, needs, and wants, as well as guide gift buyers on buying items right for their mood.

For the true lingerie lover, you can go romantic to set the mood of the moment or the night, practical so you can feel satisfied and comfortable while pleasing your spouse, sustainable to assure you and/ or your spouse are doing your part for the environment, or just chill not just with lingerie or if you don’t like your boyfriend always gifting you sexy underwear, but chill with loungewear for a night of Netflix.

And for the lover of everything Valentine’s Day into the night, there’s the classic red bra and panties you can buy to please your boyfriend or husband, even your girlfriends on that day or the day before in February 13 with Galentine’s Day.

Then, you can always treat yourself and you only with lingerie at so many levels like pieces you and stay in longer than 5 minutes, and lingerie lounge pieces to pair with knee or thigh highs so leggings or tights are not involved, plus a little glam for you only is significant.

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