Hailey Bieber colorful in @KazeOrigins KN95 face mask #KazeTogether #haileybieber @JustinBieber #justinbieber #covid19 @dorazioPR

Courtesy: DorazioPR

Safe Celeb

It’s another day of stopping the spread of COVID19 as Hailey Bieber does her part to stay safe, wear a mask, and be smart, Hailey’s in 3 colors of midnight blue, military green, and orange on her sneakers as Hailey carries around what could be a sketch pad from an art class while wearing Kaze Origins KN95 face masks, the class-A 5-ply 3-dimensional respirator mask in 5 colors that keeps COVID19 from going in and going out, powered today by DorazioPR.

Daniel Quintanilla

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