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Protect What You Create

Fashion Mingle and the “Mingle Mastermind Group” today kicked off the weekend by bringing you a clear and present outline of setting your business up for solidified protection by going over business laws and ownership information that act as a firewall against those who try to copy your intellectual property and call it their own, it’s a “Fashion Business Survival Guide: Setting Up Your Business For Success”.

New York City and its five boroughs are known for its astringent laws when filling as a business, it’s best to file first in a place like Albany, NY where it only cost $300 to file and copyright your work, so when you do eventually file in NYC entirely, it won’t cost nearly as much, just so long as you’re already filed even outside New York State.

Copyright especially of not just your patents and even your web site domains, but of your clothing pieces, descriptive writing of what you created, your photos, and the process on how you make your collections all must be copyrighted by law, so others don’t snap away and claim it their own, which leads to a long litigation process for untold years and dollars, or quick rebrand if you take a name already copyrighted.

The copyright application must be done and paid by a deadline, otherwise you lose it and have to start all over again, plus it’s possible other would be entrepreneurs will take advantage of your slow action, and it’s legal too for the infringer.

You definitely need a lawyer for even the little things you’re creating, not a lawyer in the family, but a lawyer who knows what they are doing, right from the start to avoid a legal mess later on, plus if you have multiple businesses, you can protect them under one business law without filing separately.

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