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Courtesy: Magic (Informa)

Sales By Concentration

The Magic Pop-Up trade show in Orlando, Florida kicked off its COVID19 edition of its traditional trade shows today by holding an IGTV live chat about surging your sales by using social media, plus finding the right audience to fit your brand.

The big story now for your brand to be seen are Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, Instagram is where you show off your collection, Facebook is where sales happen, and you can get new audiences that fit your brand on TikTok by having the right female for example to model your top and bottom where you can see a surge in sales immediately, plus TikTok’s algorithm is definite such as you knowing that’s it best to post at 6 p.m. unlike Facebook all over the place; Pinterest which is now a search engine like Google but with pictures…. is out.

When your brand needs to boost your sales, rise above the dreaded algorithms, be kind to the social media platform like Instagram by utilizing every tool they provide you like posting, story, and IGTV, unfollow the least engaged, fake, and non-posting accounts that hinder your exposure on Instagram, it’s a 50/50 partnership you have on Instagram, you being active tells Instagram you’re active and shows you off more, or you being wishy-washy tells Instagram you’re wishy-washy and shows you off less.

If you truly want to achieve brand sales while maintaining authenticity, then don’t focus on the accounts that have 100K plus followers that mainly don’t result in sales long-term, follow those accounts with roughly 5K to 20K followers who know your authentic, DM you, and buy your brand; only take on influencers who know your brand, and truly fits your audience.

And once you finally take the plunge on investing your time and energy on social media, the investment isn’t always a huge price tag, you can see if it boost sales, but it can be real cheap to hire a guy or girl for $15 to $20 an hour to run your TikTok post who sells your blouse every time it’s displayed, just get someone who knows what they’re doing.

Daniel Quintanilla

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