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The Opposite Of You

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind” today digs deeper on the level of your ambition with the brand and business you run, which leads to the kind of customer you want buying your brand on a regular basis with Yamilca Rodriguez of Brand Archetype who measures you and your customer’s mind with a “Fashion Business Marketing Guide: How To Attract Your Ideal Customers”.

When you’re starting a business, you need to figure out who your customer is, or what you want your customer to be, your customer cannot be like you, but the opposite, someone who believes in what your brand is along with what your products are, they have to be loyal and decisive while bringing more new customers to you.

First step with your business that Brand Archetype helps you as an entrepreneur with is one-on-one to determine who you are, and rise above an innocent status in some cases to attract your opposites long term, determining the super fan your customer is like outlaw helps you establish immediately that your customer challenges you to rise above yourself and be the best creator you can be.

It’s also helpful to know what kind of celebrity your creator or other status is comparable to, because you have a better idea of the values you have for your business, what your products are in your brand as a whole, the contributions you make to push your brand, and what you want to achieve and have overall.

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