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Courtesy: The Tamron Hall Show

You Hold The Power

Lauren Conrad had a one-on-one interview today with Tamron Hall on “The Tamron Hall Show” to talk about first what life came following “The Hills”, Lauren knew she was done with “The Hills” where she wasn’t concerned with what was next in 2009.

Lauren knew “The Hills” was just a stepping stone for her career in fashion, which led to Lauren’s phenomenal success with LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, plus doing something organic that you know instead of being forced into it, the power of saying no, and stepping away from the spotlight to be a mom to your kids, especially with COVID19 over the past year.

Courtesy: The Tamron Hall Show

Lauren then was joined by her best friend, Hannah Skvarla, who’s also the co-founder of Lauren’s female artisan initiative, The Little Market, a non-profit platform to support women who are underserved globally when selling their handmade goods, it’s all about finding gifts that give back because consumers are becoming more aware of where their products come from now that we’re in a pandemic, plus the upcoming “Conversion With Changemakers” allowing an open discussion about women’s rights.

Tamron also had on Penh Lenh, a jewelry collection currently on The Little Market, who not only creates jewelry that last for a long time, but jewelry that raises awareness of women artisans globally, Lauren and Hannah are blown away by The Little Market being a platform that’s reached as many artisans as possible, with the number of artisans continuing to grow each year, where we must support women.

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