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Paris, France (March 3, 2021)

SuKaz released her fashion film during Paris Fashion Week today. The collection dubbed, “Threads” embodies the strength, determination, and mental resilience of the world as united we reach a year of collective isolation, social distancing, and mask-wearing. And the battle against Covid-19 continues, Threads AW21 Collection metamorphosizes the strength and unity that communities have demonstrated this past year. Overcoming fear, enduring pain and loss, and finding the strength to look to the future with optimism.

At a time of limited travel, Threads AW21 brings together a strong heritage of traditional techniques and stories from Arizona, India, China and Japan. Beading origami, ribbon work and hand embroidery runs through the collection, accompanying a rich color palette of burnt orange, jewelled turquoise, golds, and soft lilac. The collection featured the occasional semi-precious stone button. The standout piece of the collection ‘Azalea,’ included an overlay of tulle embroidery with sequins in a floral motif for a little dose of sparkle.

Maintaining the SuKaz slow fashion approach, there are no size runs for the collection and all core fabrics are crafted on manually operated looms requiring no electricity. The jackets can be constructed in a truly sustainable manner with a focus on low impact machinery and producing one-of-a-kind pieces that reduce waste and overproduction. There is only one version of each jacket and the silk charmeuse satin lining adds a luxurious finishing touch.

“The detail and work that goes into each piece is outstanding and I love the storytelling in the embroidery. There’s always something new to notice. And, of course, the jackets are truly beautiful.” – Hayley Webster, Author and Writer

“This second launch of my “Threads” Collection clearly portrays my liberated frame of mind as juxtaposed to where it was last year. Just like the rest of the world, I feel that my foundation, though shaken, has become stronger and I have a new confidence as I approach upcoming collections. There’s a story of strength in each piece, a sort of assertiveness, that manifests itself in the bold colors, patterns, and textures. What’s the end of this story you may ask? We will win this marathon that we’re on and come out stronger for it!” – Susan Hollingsworth, SuKaz Designer

Threads: A poem by Susan Hollingsworth about The Threads Collection inspired by the memory of her sister Linda.

“Threads of my life – warp, weft in Your loom

Cloth slate, pliant folds you embrace 

Each filament dream spun – faith, love and tears

Forged, gossamer steel, by Your grace”

About SuKaz Jackets:

Each SuKaz jacket, created by Designer Susan Hollingsworth, is the product of 20 years living in international locales. A labor of love between designer, textile artisan, and seamstress, the wearable art pieces serve as tangible reminders of cultural craft passed down through generations. Telling a unique story, threads of ancient traditions are interwoven with flashes of contemporary elegance. Each one is unique and never reproduced.

Daniel Quintanilla

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