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Proceeding With Caution

Informa Markets along with the Business Of Fashion today held another very important presentation about where the fashion industry will stand from now and beyond 2022, it’s said that some markets will be slow to recover from COVID19.

The first peril addressed is that late 2023 be that the fashion industry truly recovers from COVID19 and returning to 2019 status before the pandemic, it’s mainly because the rollout of vaccines, pending COVID19 cases going up or down in some countries including parts of our nation, and when consumers will be comfortable going from comforts back to usual informal and formal fashions again depending on their work state and economic situation after COVID.

2021 and 2022 were originally posed as the year of the great recovery from the pandemic, and all would be truly normal again, but brands, designers, retailers, and the fashion industry as a whole will have to made this year and next pivotal years instead, continuing virtual reality as well as producing comforts since it’s the only category consumers are buying right now.

Some regions and countries will be slow or faster than others returning to normal fashion, so trans-seasonal fashion will still take place beyond original season, and made to order for consumers will be a big factor in some cases, so the fashion industry needs to position itself for huge losses these next 2 years at least, with a huge comeback once COVID19 is over, the only country that will return to normal the quickest is China.

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