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Rosier 2022

Curve Connect looked to Jos Berry today to forecast what brands and designers will be manufacturing for the Spring and Summer of 2022 with lingerie, beachwear, activewear, and leggings that in a way act as one.

Jos says they’ll be a bit of nostalgia going on as comforts still play a role in producing pieces since consumers are still under quarantine with COVID19, the intimates with nostalgia provide ease for uncertainty in a pandemic.

With nostalgia, this idea will be used to produce new modern looks for lingerie that have no ties to nostalgic patterns of the past, plus more sustainable pieces make possible the nostalgic look to be produced under a whole new idea and look never seen before.

If you’re not as observant about lingerie and swimwear, you may think they act as their own entity, but believe it or not, lingerie and beachwear relate to each other, because they’re designed in the same spirit in terms of patterns and looks, and also with sourcing and material, dancewear and activewear obviously relate to each other, but they truly also relate to lingerie and swimwear in terms of bathing suits, hosiery, and and leggings especially.

Leggings truly obtain many roles in its bottoms for women, they dance, exercise, act as an outfit, and act as underwear, plus leggings are a true staple that’s here to stay in fashion, so leggings will evolve its patterns, materials, and looks moving into Spring and Summer 2022.

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