New @intheheights #intheheightsmovie trailer debuts…. times 2 ~ @HBOMax #hbomax #powerful #washingtonheights #broadway #covid19

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You Got To Feel It!!!!!

The new “In The Heights” trailer for 2021 finally made its debut tonight for its June 18, 2021 debut in theaters, and on HBO Max, but it wasn’t just one trailer that debuted.

It was two “In The Heights” at once, one titled “Powerful” to capture the excitement of the most enticing moments of action in the movie.

And the second was devoted to “Washington Heights”, a section of upper Manhattan right in the throngs of 170’s and 180’s streets on the west side where there’s a thriving Spanish community that must not die by progress.

Just yesterday, “In The Heights” releases the official movie posters in preparation for the 2 trailers, a moment that when June 18, 2021 comes, it’ll be 51 weeks after its original debut of June 26, 2020, which “In The Heights” was suppose to be out in theaters, but was sidetracked due to the COVID19 pandemic.

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