Kristin Cavallari & @AnderssonJustin create new @dpHUE #blonde ‘Brightening Collection’ ~ @KristinCav @UncommonJames #dphue #kristincavallari

Courtesy: dpHUE

A Blonder Blonde

Kristin Cavallari and BFF, Justin Anderson, made the big reveal today of their new collaboration at Justin’s dpHUE blonde hair coloring and care, it’s the dpHUE Brightening Collection, where you can take your blonde from dull to bright in 3 steps for blonde or highlighted hair.

First, cleanse with shampoo that boost brightness and shine, then treat with brightening powder to draw out metals, minerals, and chlorine to make your hair weightless, bright, and shiny, and finally condition to lock in moisture while boosting brightness and shine.

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Kristin also unleashed a black and white video to enhance the new dpHUE Brightening Collection that illustrates how powerful and how great this new blonde hair boosting system is, it’s something like no other.

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