Amanda Kloots @SarahMGellar chat with @TheLittleMarket ‘Conversation With Changemakers’ about #covid19 impacting #women ~ @LaurenConrad #thelittlemarket

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Lauren Conrad’s The Little Market’s “Conversation With Changemakers” today continued its global virtual conference about women’s rights with Amanda Kloots and Sarah Michelle Gellar to discuss “The Impact Of COVID On Women”, how a global pandemic’s had a plus and minus effect on the livelihood of a woman.

Once COVID19 locked down the entire globe, women got a front-row seat at their very own vulnerability, the demands of being a wife, a mom, and a Zoom teacher to their children who were at home too, women also saw an adverse effect on their employment prospects during the pandemic losing more work rapidly than men, plus husbands got to understand what it’s like for their spouses to juggle being a mom, a teacher, and keeper of the home, and of course, being a wife.

In foreign countries, COVID19 could have a devastating impact on the education of women and young girls, who’ve been forced to sacrifice their education to take care of their families during the pandemic, which makes them more vulnerable to domestic abuse by their husbands or any other man.

Amanda also reiterated how the lockdown last year was getting underway when Nick and Amanda officially moved to California from New York, how Amanda’s new AK Fitness venture was the only income when Nick’s “Rock Of Ages” in LA got shutdown for what was suppose to be 2 weeks, which also included Nick contracting COVID and waging a 95 day COVID battle before dying last July.

Sarah too is also amazed at Amanda’s resilience during this pandemic in spite of enduring loss due to COVID, Sarah’s always seen Amanda as having the glass half full.

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