Curve New York takes you to school with #virtual #bra fittings in #COVID19 ~ @curvexpo #lingerie #beachwear @Elomi_lingerie

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Try On, & Be Safe

Curve Connect today got real about living in a world where there’s a COVID19 pandemic, and bra sellers are staying safe, and as socially distant as possible, but they want to keep their customers, so they’ve reopened their doors with CDC guidelines in place and virtual bra fitting for when their customers come into the store, if not fitting from home.

The main objective with this successful virtual bra fitting is getting your customer exactly what they need, no waffling in a pandemic, have hand sanitizer available, make sure you’re protected, have customers do their own measurements, determine their size, their fit, and get the bras right for them.

Measurements for your chest must be done in a particular way to know what your bust and cup sizes are, plus breast fitting and size adjustments up and down are very important to judge the bra size you buy, it all comes down to weight gain or loss, health issues, menstrual cycle, change of life, and breast feeding.

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