916,000 #jobs added in March 2021, #unemployment down more to 6% in #COVID19 @BLS_gov

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics today reports an upsurge in jobs added for the month of March in spite of the COVID19 pandemic, 916,000 jobs were seen in all sectors widespread, and the nation’s unemployment rate fell much better than February, falling 0.2 percent to land down at 6 percent.

Job growth was seen in public and private education, plus leisure and hospitality as mask mandates were lifted in some states, leading to staff being called back to restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Weekly unemployment claims continue to turn up unprecedented numbers for over a year now due to the COVID19 pandemic, Thursday’s figures were no different albeit now in the low 700K, claims this week were 719,000, with the insured unemployment rate at 2.7 percent.

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