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Stay Engaged, Get Connected

On this first Friday of April 2021, Fashion Mingle today began the new month as always with their “Virtual Networking Event” where it’s now a given that all of us are staying in touch and maintaining our awareness with our contacts via Zoom and other social media platforms.

Yes, we long for the days of retrieving our past life of in-person meetings and walking the floors of trade shows and sitting by the aisles of the catwalk, plus dressing up every time we log into our Zoom calls, we however have to stay in-tuned with keeping our online profile up to date because it tells your contacts, customers, and prospects that you are in it to win it, which means also that you have to keep up with your computer skills, plus keeping up to speed with the Zooms and Facebooks of tomorrow.

Every platform for communicating online and through social media serves its purpose for each and every business and individual looking to grow the brands, what’s very important is that you have to know how to use something like LinkedIn to boost your sales, plus stay informed about policies of each platform so you’re not hurting yourself when doing something you’re not suppose to do.

Daniel plus Lauren also chimed into the session today by adding that virtual during COVID19 has allowed individuals to extend their brand, connections, wealth of knowledge, increase their content, and boost their awareness in all aspects like contacts and customers.

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