Broadway performances in #Australia return at full capacity in #COVID19 ~ #broadway @Nightline @ABC #Nightline #Sydney

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The Stage Down Under

Broadway made a triumph return without a trace of social distancing center stage, or even in the crowds, but it’s not here in the United States at the origins of Broadway in New York City, it’s the land down under that’s Australia in places like Sydney where main stage shows like Disney’s “Frozen” “Hamilton”, and “Harry Potter & The Cursed Child” have all returned as if there was no COVID19 pandemic evident, plus Australia’s protocols and guidelines are very much different from here in the United States, as ABC’s “Nightline” reported late Wednesday night.

Australia’s handling of COVID19 has been extremely successful with only 29,000 cases, 909 deaths, and 151 active cases so far, plus there’s constant contact tracing and continuous testing in the entire country, Broadway Australia had painstakingly prepared for the curtain to go back up, with ticket holders being contact traced, temperatures taken, mark down what time they’ll be arriving at the theater, and pre-ordering refreshments, plus audiences have to stay masked, but stage performers can go unmasked without being 6 feet apart.

At last count, Broadway here in the U.S. is still dark after more than a full year, and New York City’s working tirelessly for Broadway to light up its stages once again at full capacity, and hopefully this fall, the first step in Broadway’s return comes this past Saturday when the St. James Theatre hosted NYPopsUp with Nathan Lane and Savion Glover performing one-man sets, with no audiences, a livestream, and a ghost light.

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