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You’re An Authority

Fashion Mingle today devoted their Mingle Mastermind Session to providing you, the aspiring entrepreneur for your fashion business, the tools and necessary training to do interviews with the media for promoting your business, but you need to be interesting and have the right talking points to sell you in what’s the “Fashion Business Marketing Guide: Media Training To Help Nail Your Next Interview”.

Just like with an office interview where you have to dress a certain way with notable shoes and handbag to impress the interviewer to spark conversation, media interviews take lots of preparation on your part, where you have to know what to wear on camera, look toward other media talents to see how they look, know what you’re going to talk about, prepare your talking points, and promote your spot a morning show like “Good Morning America” before and after your spot, just so the producer knows that you’re getting noticed and draws viewers into the show.

It’s very important to have a media kit ready to send over to producers of TV shows, but send your information over to the right places where you’re more likely to have a shot at getting a spot on TV, keep sending media kits to producers because you’ll eventually get noticed, and leave tidbits so those producers don’t run with your idea and hire someone else.

If you’re not one who’s seasoned or experienced doing interviews for the media to promote your business, then you better hire those who can give you media training, hire a spokesperson, and hire someone who can put together a media kit for you, because if you do not prepare, or attempt to do your first TV interview without professional training, then you will never be on “GMA” again.

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