Kristin Cavallari’s #summer 2021 by @UncommonJames ~ @KristinCav #jewelry #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Summer’s Mark

Kristin Cavallari injected a good dose of Summer in you today with the first dose of her Uncommon James Summer 2021 collection titled Exploration, allowing you the chance to throw the door open, run to sun-drenched horizons, feel your feet racing to untouched land with heart in pace, and outstretch your hands as you experience the warmth of the sun while traveling that soon sheds your winter skin.

Courtesy: Uncommon James

A few fine examples are found in Kristin UJ Summer 1 Exploration look of Serene Hoops, Love Necklace, Shell Hoops, Seeker Necklace, and Everyday Bracelet, all stemming to create the best injection of Summer to start your long-awaited travel plans.

Serene Hoops

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Serene Hoops, a classic gold hoop with a subtle texture inspired by soft waves.

Shell Hoops

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Channel the seaside with our Shell Hoops, a classic ribbed hoop covered in 14k gold.

Seeker Necklace

Courtesy: Uncommon James

An elegant and sleek teardrop pendant sits at the center of a simple ball chain on our Seeker Necklace.

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