The @BroadwayLeague announces official #Broadway return this Fall post #COVID19 ~ #NothingBeatsBroadway

Courtesy: The Broadway League

The Show Will Go On Again

New York City’s famed Broadway today just received the best news in this COVID19 pandemic, The Broadway League announced today that’s it’s reopening major theaters of Broadway come this Fall 2021, as The Broadway League will cooperate with New York City and New York State government in meeting guidelines to perform and attend Broadway shows at full capacity without social distancing, tickets for Fall shows will go on sale this month.

Two major announcements came from city and state, first being Mayor Bill de Blasio last week that it intends to meet the goal of operating at full capacity by July 1, and Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing this past Monday that the entire state can reopen at full capacity starting May 19, including theaters in New York City, but Broadway has unions, financiers, producers, rehearsals, and such to execute before rising the curtain once again this Fall.

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