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Normal: True W/ New

There’s a new normal once again coming to the lingerie industry, it’s the true normal we knew before the COVID19 pandemic, and it’s shaping upcoming lingerie and lifestyle trends for Fall/ Winter 2021-22 as Curve and Fashion Snoops this week laid out what to expect as we embrace physical contact with humans again.

Yes, we wanna wear bras and panties at the utmost sexiest again, or put on a pair of our most flattering leggings for yoga class or bikini for a trip to the beach, but the industry is not jumping full speed ahead just yet, there’s been profound change during COVID19, so consumers are definitely holding on to their new normal attire just a little bit longer, but embracing true normal with more awareness about personal needs, and health concerns in case of another health crisis.

What’s definitely on the horizon is lingerie that’s close to true normal sexiness, but comfort’s at the head of the table, you’ll also see intimates blended with essential oils and other scents that induce comforting aromas on vital parts of the body, consumers will also hand on to their sweatpants a little bit longer as some will remain at home while others flick the switch and head back to office.

Lately, lingerie is all about comfort, it’s essential to how we first start our day, but it’s always been about making you feel empowered, embracing your true self that boost your confidence to extremely high levels, there’s concerns right now, but there’s also the anticipation to return to lace in full force.

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