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True Normal’s Comeback?

Fashion Mingle rounded up its current and newest members for their weekly Mingle Mastermind Group webinar today as it’s the perfect opportunity for Virtual Networking, an overview of what designers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers like Daniel plus Lauren are up to, plus an outlook at life after COVID19.

Those participating in the series all agreed there’s gonna be a resurgence in fashion demand in the weeks and months to come, especially with New York Fashion Week as NYC aims for full capacity on July 1, and now Broadway has set a date to light up once again being September 14 as it coincides with NYFW around then.

The biggest issue on the table today was sustainability, surrendering the need for wasteful fast-fashion known otherwise as fashion of the moment for more longer lasting clothing pieces that reduces waste in landfills and uses eco-friendly sustainable means like organic cotton, or zero carbon footprints that ease up the air and fossil fuels.

The one thing Daniel plus Lauren stressed today as they chimed in on Fashion Mingle is how COVID19, sustainability, and the economic effects of COVID19 are not only topical news of the day or items intertwined with celebrities and designers, but it’s also a public service to those who need to know vital information on COVID19, what job growth looks like, and preserving the environment.

Daniel plus Lauren also forecasted that comforts in the lingerie industry will continue being at the head of the table until mid to late 2022, feeding off the Curve lingerie trends forecasted for Fall/ Winter 2022, plus Daniel plus Lauren unofficially declares that its website is technically sustainable by design, no carbon emissions are ever used.

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