Sheryl Sandberg live w/ Amanda Kloots about life after Nick Cordero’s death by #COVID19 ~ @SherylSandberg @optionb #sherylsandberg #liveyourlife #mentalhealthawareness

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Amanda Kloots went live on Instagram today with Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, to talk about the loss of her husband, Nick Cordero, who died from COVID19 after a 95 day battle with the virus, and how Amanda’s only option after Nick’s death was to try and move forward.

As COVID19 locked down the entire country, both Nick and Amanda, plus all of us globally didn’t know how long the lowdown would last, not knowing what to do at home but watch the news for the latest information, Nick at the end of March contracted COVID and was admitted into the hospital.

Amanda was with Nick every step of the way, and did her best to keep her mental health up, even if it was exercising for 5 minutes, another vehicle Amanda relied on was telling her story to her Instagram followers, asking for much needed prayers for Nick’s condition to turn around.

Once Nick died from COVID19, Amanda had to move forward, Amanda found an adopted family from the Los Angeles theater production of “Rock Of Ages”, who are always asking about Amanda day in and day out to see how she’s doing, plus Amanda found a new family once Amanda became co-host of CBS’s “The Talk”, Amanda also’s moving forward by teaching her AK Rope fitness class at Equinox this week, which is now offered in select Equinox gyms in LA and New York City.

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