Equinox drops #facemasks mandate in New York gyms post #COVID19~ @equinox #nyc #itsnotfitnessitslife

Courtesy: Equinox

Breathe…. Again

For those New Yorkers who belong to Equinox, continuing their quest of lifetime commitment to fitness, and masking up at Equinox in and out, there’s good news to report, Equinox at all New York gyms starting today are dropping their mask mandate, as long as you are fully vaccinated, putting you at very low risk to contract COVID19, this comes as New York state drops mask mandates for vaccinated individuals, the Equinox mask mandate is also dropped at Equinox locations in nearby Connecticut, as well as Maryland, and Chicago locations.

Throughout the pandemic, Equinox played a vital role in keeping its members engaged by creating In The Wild outdoor gyms in Hudson Yards, plus reopening at allowed capacities while keeping you safe, now Equinox has added Amanda Kloots to their roster with Amanda’s AK Rope jump rope classes at select Equinox locations in LA and NYC.

Daniel Quintanilla

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