Amanda Kloots @equinox #EQXInTheWild in @_HudsonYardsNYC for ‘AK Rope’ class ~ #hellohudsonyards #nyc #liveyourlife #itsnotfitnessitslife

Let’s Jump

Amanda Kloots got right to it today with her AK Rope class at Equinox, Amanda was at Equinox outdoors on 30th Street and Tenth Avenue where Equinox In The Wild tent is located for people to workout as it is a safe space against COVID, with all the room to workout, and you are less susceptible to catch the virus, EQX In The Wild is also in the Hudson Yards area of Midtown Manhattan, where Equinox Hotel and Equinox destination location is, and where Amanda will be teaching tomorrow.

Daniel Quintanilla

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