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That’s iMore, iLove You

Yes, Apple is in full force today for its annual WWDC21 event that’s virtual albeit since we’re still in COVID19, but exciting none the less for those who have concerns about privacy with Apple and apps, and for those who are so in love with Apple with more than just idolization.

SharePlay kicked off WWDC21 where you can not only text and talk, but can play music, movies, TV shows, and other neat things while you’re engaging with the party on the other end, whether it’s friends or family.

Thanks to iOS 15, everything you know about your favorite and much-needed components on Apple will give you more than you can imagine, more iMessage that turns one’s photo into an instant gallery on its own, phone numbers, names, and places that give you instant information and photos in a snap.

iOS 15 on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, and Apple Watch is giving you even greater control about your privacy with your apps as it ask whether you want this app to track you or not; but the greatest control Apple gifts you is unlocking your home devices and hotel check-in power when traveling, plus travel transportation power with your tickets as Apple partners with hotels and airlines; iFitness not only has workouts for you, but playlists curated by popular artists.

There’s also greater app power with iOS 15 as it offers in-app events of all kinds like “In The Heights” release this Friday, teaching you how to code, and for the first time ever, you can now create apps for Apple, by Apple, on an Apple device.

Widgets and other key functions you use to work are also more present on all your Apple devices, plus you can focus your Apple device in whatever mode you choose at any given time such as work mode or even play, and Apple Maps comes more alive as it now allows you to see symbols and landmarks as they are as if they’re real so you can get to your destination a lot faster and easier.

If you’re a blogger like Daniel plus Lauren is here, and you’re out in New York City taking pictures on your iPhone, or even a Nikon, you run into that common problem where you have to wait for one device to read the photo you took on another device, not anymore, introducing Universal Control on all your Apple devices where one image or app can start on the iPhone, and easily be glided onto your iPhone and MacBook Pro without the wait.

Those of you who’ve made Apple the better half of themselves are gonna love the tremendous power and accessibility that iOS 15 will now give you, everything you could’ve thought up is now done.

Daniel Quintanilla

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