Amanda Kloots talks being #fearless plus #courage on @rebeccaminkoff event ~ #liveyourlife #rebeccaminkoff

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Going On & Going Forward

Amanda Kloots joined in on Rebecca Minkoff’s virtual “Fearless” event today where Amanda was interviewed by her very own sister, Anna, about finding the courage and strength to go on each day Amanda’s late husband, Nick Cordero, fought COVID19 for 95 days, which is in Amanda’s just released book, “Live Your Life”.

It was the love and support of Amanda’s followers on Instagram that kept Amanda going every single day with encouraging words of wisdom, singing along with Amanda as Amanda went live late each day to sing Nick’s song, “Live Your Life”, even on days where Amanda was crying and didn’t feel it in her heart to go live, those same words of encouragement are what pulled Amanda through.

Both Amanda and Anna agreed enthusiastically about making decisions, whether it’s a good decision or a bad decision, both scenarios help you move forward, and you can look back later on whether that decision was good or not, but the worst thing you can do is be stuck on indecision, it’ll only leave you stuck, pile up whatever fear you have, and you will not be able to move forward, those decisions easy and difficult Amanda had to make everyday regarding Nick’s condition and treatment, especially when amputating Nick’s leg early in his COVID fight.

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