Amanda Kloots reveals what she told husband Nick Cordero before he died from #COVID19 ~ @etnow #liveyourlife #entertainmenttonight

Courtesy: Entertainment Tonight

Before I’m Gone

Amanda Kloots reveals to “Entertainment Tonight” the words she said to her husband, Nick Cordero, before dying from COVID19, once the doctors and Amanda knew for sure that Nick would not make it, Amanda had to make the tough decision of taking Nick off life support, the only words Amanda could tell Nick is that she did everything she could, she will miss him, and promised to take care of their son, Elvis, once Nick was taken off life support, Amanda could not be consoled, she and Nick’s family were right there in the room with Amanda while she kept apologizing for not being able to do more for Nick, songs that Nick loved following that moment played in the hospital room, being a sure sign that Nick was saying everything would be okay.

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