412K: #unemployment increases post #COVID19 pandemic ~ @USDOL

Courtesy: Pexels

In an apparent surprise at this point post COVID19, the United States Department Of Labor reports today that unemployment claims went up 37,000 from last week’s 376,000 which revised down 1,000 to 375,000, to reach 412,000 this week, a stark contrast to the nation returning to full capacity and many states ending COVID19 unemployment benefits earlier than planned.

Remaining unchanged at all levels, the insured unemployment rate came in at 2.5 percent, no revision, no rise, and no fall, but increases continued with the actual insured unemployment figure as it rose 1,000 to 3,518,000 from last week’s 3,499,000 which also revised up 18,000 to land at 3,517,000.

Daniel Quintanilla

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