Lauren Conrad’s summer #LCLaurenConrad outfit of the day at #Kohls ~ #laurenconrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Summer Vibes

Lauren Conrad with just 4 days until the official start of Summer decided to put together an Outfit Of The Day today with help from her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, it’s an LC burnt orange blouse with LC black and silver flip flops, followed by a pair of LC rose colored sunglasses that are extremely helpful for the extreme heat out on the west coast.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Summer Bonus

You can also add another Summer uniform to your LC Lauren Conrad item as palm trees, beach, the sun, and waves are apart of this LC Graphic Tee that pairs perfectly with jean shorts and sunhat from LC Kohl’s itself.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

An LC Kohl’s Jewel

LC Lauren Conrad today were all hands down on why silver is such a beautiful piece of jewelry to possess, it comes in the LC Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Chevron Band Ring made up of accents, 7 millimeters, and a must-have for your fine jewelry collection.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

An LC Little Co. Adventure

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad today is landing on Summer in a very big way, it’s having and adventure with the LC Organic Print Tank that says hello to adventure without being shy about it, cactuses, mountains, and the sun keep this baby

Courtesy: alysilverio Instagram

LCB Makeup In Action

Tik-Tok beauty, Aly Silverio, has always been a fan of Lauren Conrad Beauty, Aly’s a fan once again today by showing off the Lauren Conrad Beauty Liquid Eyeliner that Aly’s delightfully artful lining up on the edge of her eyes.

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