Fashinnovation addresses #sustainability on ‘Fashion Futures Live’ ~ @Fashinnovation_ #saudiarabia #nyc #fashion #COVID19

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A New Beginning

Fashinnovation held a discussion today on the apparent reset going on in the world of fashion thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, live from New York City and Saudi Arabia joining the annual Arab fashion event called “Fashion Futures Live”, where sustainability and inclusion were laid on the table.

Since the start of this pandemic, where it was just a nice thought or merely an added stream of revenue for many fashion brands prior to COVID, sustainability is now the number one issue for all designers and businesses to meet by 2030 thanks to the upcoming Great Reset that’s also the Green New Deal, requiring all businesses to have zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The race is on to slow down fashion from its fast revenue, fast production, and vast waste from fast-moving trends that keep changing everyday, COVID has slowed down collections to season less trends where the global marketplace will need the next few years to recover from the COVID19 pandemic, the upside to this is reducing the amount of unbreakable waste sent to landfills daily.

Even though the production of sustainable collections cost more, what helps in this organic process is production staying domestic and nearby to access instead of overseas and not thought out, meeting the sustainability guidelines comes under tremendous rigor as it’s a lifeline for you to capture the new market, and get funding for your business.

Not only is sustainability a major issue in fashion out and proud thanks to COVID19, inclusion now has a majority vote in fashion’s future, addressing the disparity not only between men and women climbing up the success ladder, but disparity between large and small businesses, plus establishing equality above the male and female sexes, where the LGBTQIA and non-sex declaration are all sharing in the wealth spectrum.

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