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Tools To Beauty

Lauren Conrad reveals hair tools she loves today like a one inch titanium flat iron, 3 barrel hair iron, 1100 watt hair dryer comb, and curling irons and flat irons by Kristin Ess that makes Lauren’s hair perfect, styled, and shaped however Lauren wants to have it depending on the day.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Darling Details

LC Lauren Conrad today at Kohl’s are all about the fine diligence that it puts into its LC Kohl’s jewelry collection, handpicking a blend of blue gems to go with pink gold that apparently is evident in this necklace, also seen on repeat with a bracelet and rings.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Shorts Of Choice

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad today puts the ball in your court on the LC Little Co. shorts are your favorite at Kohl’s, there’s solid, stripe, and chambray with the baby and toddler side-pocket shorts along with the Organic edition in chambray, shorts your little one will love running in.

Courtesy: lclaurenconrad Instagram

Bottomless Daydream

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad today created the perfect outfit for your little one to daydream in all day, it’s made up of LC Little Co. Toddler Chambray Jumper, Dolman Tee, and Bow Tie Headbands.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Just Toting Around

LC Lauren Conrad tonight needs you to stay organized this Summer, and in style with the LC Kohl’s Presley Handbag, deep enough to put your everyday essentials in without losing a single item or step for work or play.

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