Cardi B celebrates #kulture #birthday in Yvan Tufenkjian #jewelry ~ @iamcardib @doraziopr #kulturebirthdayparty #cardib

Courtesy: iamcardib Instagram

Spoiled Beautifully

Cardi B will do anything for her daughter, Kulture Kiari, especially give Kulture a birthday party that’s filled with all the glam, and celebrity A-List status Kulture deserves, it was all pink and white Monday as Cardi B threw Kulture a birthday party fit for a Princess, Cardi B also wore jewelry from Yvan Tufenkjian earrings, bracelets, and rings of diamonds of silver, which A-List firm, Dorazio PR dropped everything for Cardi B to put into Cardi B’s hands for her daughter’s special day.

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