Kristin Cavallari layered w/ #UncommonJames cross #fall 2021 ~ #uncommonbeauty #kristincavallari

Courtesy: UncommonJames Instagram

A Cross Of Style

Kristin Cavallari was in the mood today to get into Uncommon James layers, layering her key UJ necklaces with her recent UJ Fall 2021 moniker of crosses that find inspiration by vintage, and the 1996 movie “The Craft”, plus help from the UJ Key Necklace.

What Uncommon Beauty Does

Kristin Cavallari today showed off a before and after of one Uncommon James working where she encountered break-outs of acne, but watched her pimples clear up after a few months of using Uncommon Beauty skincare, skincare that’s simple in 5 easy items.

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