Lauren Conrad declares overalls the fashion trend of summer 2021 ~ #kohls #lclaurenconrad #lclittleco #laurenconrad #laurenconradcoloves

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Skipping Down The Field

As a purveyor, an icon, and a groundbreaker of the fashion industry, Lauren Conrad marks her seal of approval first thing today that overalls are a new and exciting trend for the Summer of 2021, because not only are they gorgeous, they make your morning routine a whole lot easier, where all you have to do is pair a cute top with blue overalls for the most part, or sans a top all together because the overall stands alone, leading to the next level of overalls being jumpsuits, which Lauren Conrad seeks out in her overalls and jumpsuit roundup that also includes overalls from LC Lauren Conrad, also check out Tuesday’s LC Lauren Conrad Instagram story for the perfect LC Blouse to go with LC Overalls.

Courtesy: lclaurenconrad Instagram
Courtesy: Kohl’s

Peasant Fashion

LC Lauren Conrad found a new favorite in peasant style, it’s the LC Petite Squareneck Peasant Top coming in 6 colors including Kimset Blooms Teal seen here, it’s also paired with LC Jean Shorts, Sandals, and Handbag.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Kid Size Chic

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad are super-excited about their new older children sizes 4 to 8 Edits that they can’t wait to hear about how LC Little Co. consumers are stocking up on these kid size floral prints of organic dresses.

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