NY NOW combines elegant and whimsical fashion with Lazyjack Press

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Strong & Witty

NY NOW as the first fashion trade show back at the Javits Center in New York City’s Hudson Yards brought trade show regulars back to the Midtown Manhattan floor, we all have a great reason to look forward to Sunday and even Monday when we seek out solid eye-popping fashion, accessories, and home goods, one of Sunday’s finds for Daniel plus Lauren on the fashion end is Lazyjack Press.

Lazyjack Press is founded on the principle of everything that’s designed with the highest quality of material, and then each the ties, socks, bow ties, scarves, and handkerchiefs has a really fun name and are designed according to that name like “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor” with stethoscope patterns, and “Chick Magnet” with little chickens and magnets.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Consumers of Lazyjack Press love all the ties, bow ties, and socks possessing these high-quality fabrics with clever designs and ideas that reflect the mood you’re in, and personality you want to express to the world, Lazyjack Press also does ladies scarves and wool scarves that also sell well, scarves have pattern on one side, solids on the other side, one size fits all, and make great gifts for birthdays and upcoming holidays fast approaching.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Lazyjack Press’s newest adds this season include headbands, belts, pocket squares, and face masks that not only are solid and share the same whimsical design like Lazyjack Press’s staples, but also are fun to wear and keep you protected against COVID19.

Lazyjack Press was created and designed in New York City, but it’s fabrics, silk, and will are Italian and are made in Italy, giving reason why Lazyjack Press is strong while being whimsical.

Daniel Quintanilla

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