NY NOW home to Quilted Koala’s functionally fun handbags and accessories

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

You’re Such A Showoff

Walking through NY NOW on Sunday not only brought a homecoming to buyers, exhibitors, and press alike after being locked away at home thanks to COVID19, but brought out collections such as Quilted Koala’s collection who’s mission is to make a statement, bring out your daily emotions, and rest assure you have substance 100 percent.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Quilted Koala is a bag and accessory line that’s meant for fun and adventure, and it needs to be functional and pretty, all of Quilted Koala’s bags are really well made functional bags with their very own fun factor found in embellishments catered to your own expression of style, allowing you and others the freedom to choose elements like gun metal or glitter to tell the world what mood you’re in.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Quilted Koala is not just about creating bags for the present, Quilted Koala creates their functional bags and accessories for the future, with QK declaring their functional bags as future functional bags, bags where you can change your style by switching up embellishments like hearts and tassels, as well as statement straps like “badass” for another strap according to the mood you’re on, plus QK’s Future Functional Handbags also play house to additional handbags you can attach that also have their own embellished stars, hearts, and peace jewelry.

Quilted Koala also made a declaration at NY NOW Sunday that they are the only functional handbag to have a tutu on it, QK allows you the ability to attach a tutu embellishment in your choice of black or white to QK’s Future Functional Bag, you have the power to live out your “Black Swan” moment outside Halloween on QK’s Future Functional Bag, sometimes you feel like Natalie Portman, sometimes Mila Kunis, but you definitely feel their vulnerability.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Velvet is also a favorite with Quilted Koala, so much that you don’t have to treat as a precious material on its line of bags, thanks to crushed velvet, QA’s velvet lined bags are made tough for everyday use, your love for velvet can continue on, worn, and shown off on a daily basis, avoiding the closet after a one time use until the next precious moment.

Also lined with monogram design and lockets you can put a picture in, plus men’s functional bags, Quilted Koala with their family-run brand are serious about strong functional bags, but even more serious about creating a collection with a wow factor, bags that are fun to always make your BFF, and change up your fun and expression whenever the mood strikes, making a statement doesn’t always need a socially conscious cause behind it, the cause can be just to have fun.

Daniel Quintanilla

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