‘Hadestown’ returns as part of Broadway’s post-COVID19 comeback

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The 1st Rose 🌹 Back

It’s been a long 18 months since we’ve seen the 2019 Tony Award winner, “Hadestown” take center stage thanks to that little thing we call COVID19, but now that vaccines have poked millions of arms, it’s time to pull the curtain up once again at the Walter Kerr Theater in New York City’s Broadway, as it did tonight with a truly roaring return that’s much been long anticipated since late May when it was announced that “Hadestown” would make its triumphant return prior to Broadway’s official comeback on September 14.

And just one block up from “Hadestown” on 48th Street at the Barrymore Theater, “Waitress: The Musical” by Sara Bareilles, also tonight marked its first performance since the start of pandemic with a tremendously sold out crowd, roaring cheers, and a standing ovation which at the end of its first performance include a very touching trouble to Nick Cordero, who died from COVID19, and will forever be on the “Waitress” menu board with the words “Live Your Life”.

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