Nick Cordero honored at Broadway’s post-COVID19’s return of ‘Waitress: The Musical’ w/ Amanda Kloots centerstage

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

You Are Home, Nick

There’s no night like tonight to welcome back the Great White Way of New York City that is Broadway in the heart of Midtown Manhattan with a slice of humble, and homecoming pie from the casts of “Waitress: The Musical”, it’s sold out crowd at the Barrymore Theater with a huge standing ovation from start to finish we’re not gonna let the remnants of Hurricane IDA dampen their spirits, and their excitement to see live Broadway shows once again for the first time since March 12, 2020 due to COVID19, which brings us to the end of “Waitress” as the casts gathered around to honor one of their own no longer with us, Nick Cordero, who’s life was claimed by COVID19 on July 5, 2020.

The one song we rallied around everyday for all of 95 days during Nick’s waged battle with COVID19 was “Live Your Life”, thanks to Nick’s ever loving wife, Amanda Kloots, who went live countless days on her Instagram Story to lift Nick’s spirits and the universe in Nick’s direction to beat this virus while updating Nick’s condition, “Live Your Life” was resurrected after “Waitress: The Musical” ended its first show back by “Waitress” creator, Sara Bareilles, noting Nick’s absence and how they lost a gifted soul all too soon, Nick was part of the original cast of “Waitress” playing Earl.

Amanda spoke on Nick’s behalf and was truly honored that Nick will be forever remembered by “Waitress”, the obvious note will be on the top of the left menu board where it will always say “Live Your Live”, which also was a New York Times Bestseller memoir back in June, then the whole casts sang “Live Your Life”, with Amanda Kloots leading the spirited sing-a-long.

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